Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A New Commons

The reclamation of unproductive land by the poor is a concept that has been viewed in modern times as an area dominated by extremist of the Left, awkward programs that created a backlash by the wealthy that led to their demise, but in recent years these programs have been made more legitimate by some of the worlds create Capitalist powers. The UK recently has taken a fresh look at some of its history in the great battles for the Commons and come up with programs that have not only supported but financed thru special programs a new agrarian revolution. Providing for the development of communities that are able to turn land into productive, sustainable, and environmentally sound agrarian settlements; look at Lammas community (www.lammas.org.uk). This fresh approach to supporting the changes needed not only to solve the world environmental crisis, but to deal with the need to create sustainable food programs is a tremendous boon to the rest of the world looking for answers. The programs recall beautifully the thoughts of 17th century agrarian reformer Gerrad Winstanle who brutal oppressed movement declared, "we work in righteousness, and lay the foundation of making earth, a common treasury for all, both rich and poor, that everyone that is born in the land may be fed by the earth his mother that brought him forth according to the reason that rules in the creation." While the UK has made wonderful strides in these endeavours the question of how we can bring the same sort of programs to our shores still remains unanswered. The level of legislation needed, and the time taken to pass such programs for us to follow the same path would place us radically behind. While we should not abandon this route it is time for the poor, in classic fashion, to begin to reclaim the land owed to them by, "the reason that rules in the creation." This is not a cry for a peasant up rising, but for us to realize what is available. As you walk down your city street take note of any open patch of land. Even the smallest plot of land can be a beginning. Cracks in the pavement, corners of parks, or the great Boulevards of the city should be tilled and planted. The food grown hear can be collected and shared by a community. The modern system has removed us from our food system, but small action can help us to reclaim them. We do not all need to go out to be farmers, but any production that your community can take to alleviate the cost of food can lead to the liberation from poverty. Put up fliers, attend community meetings, and find a way that fellows in your community can come together to create means of survival.